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2024 Dancing Moons Festival Press Reviews

2023 Dancing Moons Festival Press Reviews

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Dancing Moons Festival Reviews

“Bites of the immigrant experience served tastily”

….a program packed with diverse and punchy snippets by Asian American choreographers – a sampling well worth seeing when this nine-member ensemble brings Dancing Moons across the bay to San Francisco’s ODC theater on April 5-6.
– Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle, March 2024


Words cannot even express how magnificent the performance [was]… It was so moving and so gorgeous I was almost moved to tears. The Angel Island project is accessible to anyone who has an immigration story but it especially honors the Asian immigrants. Thank you for this beautiful gift

Dancing Moons Festival attendee, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, March 2024


The “Dancing Moons Festival” highlighted a racially diverse group of ballet dancers that reflected the diversity of Oakland. Coupled with Chan’s mission to eradicate Orientalism on the stage, the wide range of music, costume and ballet styles allowed the performance to step away from the confines of Eurocentric ballet and demonstrate the full scope of what contemporary ballet can be.

– Edith Matthias, the Daily Californian, April 2023

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Dancing Moons Festival was absolutely fantastic! The quality of the dancing and choreography was excellent, and I never imagined that I’d be able to see dancers performing 10 feet from my seat – this really enhanced my appreciation & understanding of ballet.”

– Dancing Moons Festival attendee, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, March 2023

Oakland Ballet’s vision and meaning behind Dancing Moons Festival isn’t just limited to words. It literally showcased how the arts can transform our space into a celebration of our diversity. I felt so touched by the vast storytelling and the talents of the dancers and choreographers, and I was moved to tears! I loved how the stage was set up so that the audience was drawn into the dancers’ experience, and I really felt like we were one. It was a true gift for the soul.”

– Dancing Moons Festival attendee, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, March 2023


“…This production is an eye-catching delight on so many levels. The dancers clearly relished their roles, and the duets which ranged from intimate to soaring were breathtaking. Some allusions to Asian identity are obvious, such as the story, music or costume. Others based on the interplay between the music and the choreography may emerge upon later reflection. These pieces by five Asian American choreographers stand on their own, while the richness of this community will become evident as the repertoire grows. Witness the emergence of a new chapter of Asian American history at the Dancing Moons Festival!

-Evelyn Lee, Oakland Asian Cultural Center Secretary, March 2023

“Innovation in any field traditionally comes from off-center—not the mainstream. In this case, empowering underrepresented voices to make new work is really exciting and interesting. Even being part of the festival last year and seeing the diversity in our offerings within just one racial group shows you how much untapped potential we have here to push the art form forward.”

– Phil Chan – Dancing Moons Festival Choreographer and Advisory Committee Member