Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

The Oakland Ballet Company provides accessible, relevant, and exciting dance that inspires and educates all ages of our diverse community.

Core Values

Dancer performing leap to the left in front of choir.


Committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization.

Nutcracker dancers perform demonstration on small portable stage in a gymnasium.


Providing impactful connections to the arts by presenting captivating dance education to students of the East Bay.

Dancer kneeling down to talk to audience member.


Engaging our community with relevant performances showcasing a diversity of genres from classical ballet to folklorico to street dance.

One dancer in wheelchair supporting another dancer while two others stand to right.


Performing in a variety of easily accessible and affordable venues throughout Oakland and the East Bay.

Dancers holding a pose in all different levels.


Presenting vibrant new works by current choreographers representing the highest standards in performance art.

Lawrence Chen with left hand in air looking to the left


Challenging audiences to redefine the boundaries of classical ballet through partnerships with groundbreaking community artists.