You Can Dance!

You Can Dance!

Come Dance With Us!

You Can Dance! is a residency program that uses dance to develop creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. Students use movement to develop skills they can use their entire lives.

Elements of movement, structure, story-telling, and collaboration are explored through dance based games. All movement is created by the students.

The curriculum addresses the CA Core Content Standards for Dance.

2 students playfully performing dance movement.

The program is designed for third grade and consists of 16 forty-five minute work sessions.

Each session commences with a simple warm-up and concludes with some favorite movement learning games unique to the program and designed to enhance learning experiences.

Students posing for camera, holding up certificates.

Past Participating Schools

Allendale Elementary
Burckhalter Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Howard Elementary
Prescott Elementary
Oakland Academy of Knowledge
Students playfully performing movements.