Community Collaborators

Community Collaborators

Oakland Ballet Company’s programs engage a diverse range of community members through the commissioning of vibrant new works, innovative collaborations with artists of other genres, and compelling educational programs that cultivate the next generation of dance lovers. We welcome you to explore the history of OBC’s collaborations under the guidance of Artistic Director Graham Lustig.

Graham Lustig’s “The Nutcracker”, 2011 – present

Graham Lustig’s “The Nutcracker” brings to life the spirit of the holiday season with beautiful dancing, magnificent scenery and imaginative costumes.

Oakland Ballet Company in Graham Lustig’s “The Nutcracker” (Photo: David DeSilva)


  • Graham Lustig, Graham Lustig’s “The Nutcracker” (2011-present)


  • Oakland East Bay Symphony, directed by Michael Morgan (2011-present)
  • Mt. Eden High School Women’s Ensemble, directed by Ken Rawdon (2012, 2014-2016)
  • Oakland Youth Chorus, LaNell Martin (2013)
  • Piedmont East Bay’s Children’s Choir Concert Choir, directed by Robert Geary and conducted Andrew Brown (2017 – present)

Luna Mexicana, 2016 – present

“Luna Mexicana” brings the community together for a celebration of Dia de los Muertos through spirited dancing, live music, colorful costumes, and a festive atmosphere.


  • Graham Lustig, “Luna Mexicana” (2016-present)
  • José Limón, “Chaconne” (2017)
  • Graham Lustig, Martin Romero “Viva la Vida!” (2018)

Guest Performing Groups:

  • Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno, “Jarabillo de Tres”; “Pichatarito” (2016)
  • Ballet Folklórico México Danza, “¡Viva la Vida!…Celebrating Amalia Hernandez’s 100th Birthday” (2017); “Nuevo Leon – Viva Linares, Café Rmona, El Circo” (2018)
  • Nahui-Ehekatl, “Blessing Ceremony” (2017 – 2018)


  • Mariachi Halcones de Oakland, “A Tribute to Juan Gabriels” (2016)
  • Terrie Baune (2017)
  • Mariachi Mexicanisimo (2017)

Visual Artists:

  • Oakland Museum of California, Ofrenda (2016 – 2017)
  • Daniel Camacho, Ofrenda (2018)
  • Ernesto Hernandez-Olmos, Ofrenda (2018)
  • Joaquin Newman (2018)
  • Evelyn Orantes (2018)
  • Jasmine Quiroga (2018)

Food Vendors:

  • Peña’s Bakery (2016 – present)
  • Tamales La Oaxaqueña (2016 – present)


Samantha Bell and Landes Dixon as the Bride and Groom in “Luna Mexicana” (Photo: John Hefti)

“Jangala”, 2018 – present

“Jangala” celebrates Indian arts and culture by telling the story of The Jungle Book through contemporary ballet and Bharatanatyam dance.

Frankie Lee Peterson III as Mowgli and Nadhi Thekkek as Messua in “Jangala” (Photo: John Hefti)


  • Graham Lustig, “Jangala”, (2018-present)
  • Nadhi Thekkek, “The Little Elephant in the Room” (2018)*

Guest Performing Groups:

  • Nava Dance Theatre (2018)


  • Achyut Srinivasan, Percussionist (2018)
  • Preethi Ramaprasad, Percussionist (2018)
  • Rohan Krishnamoorthy, Percussionist (2018)
  • Shreyas Srinivasan, Violin (2018)
  • Sidhi Natarajan, Vocal (2018)
  • Sruti Sarathy, Violin (2018)

Spring Repertory

Oakland Ballet dancers in Antoine Hunter’s “Giggling Flame and Roaring Waves” (Photo: John Hefti)


Scene and Heard, 2018


  • Antoine Hunter, “Giggling Flame and Roaring Waves”*
  • Bat Abbit, “The Sound of Snow”*
  • Danielle Rowe, “Itchy Bot Bot (A Family Portrait)”*
  • Graham Lustig, “Heartbreak Hotel”*
  • Michael Lowe, “Kimono Wednesdays”*
  • Romona Kelley and Vincent Chavez, “La Llorona”*

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2017


  • Graham Lustig, “Consort”*; “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


  • Dan Cromeenés, Countertenor
  • Dominic Schaner, Lutenist 

A Capella, Our Bodies Sing, 2016


  • Graham Lustig, “Stone of Hope”
  • Janice Garret and Charles Moulton, “Divining”*
  • Val Caniparoli, “Beautiful Dreamer”*


  • Berkeley Community Chamber Singers, directed by Derek Tam
  • Nona Brown and the Inspirational Music Collective, directed by Nona Brown
  • Vajra Voices, directed by Karen R. Clarke

50th Anniversary Season, 2015


  • Alonzo King, “Love Dogs”
  • Amy Seiwert, “Before it Begins”*
  • Betsy Erickson, “A Moment – A Lifetime”*
  • Bronislava Nijinska, “Le Train Bleu” (Pas de Deux); “Les Biches” (Adagietto)
  • Carlos Carvajal, “Green”
  • Eugene Loring, “Billy the Kid”
  • Graham Lustig, “Luminaire”*
  • Leonide Massine, “La Boutique Fantasque” (The Can-Can)
  • Michael Lowe, “Horse Head Strings”*
  • Mikhail Fokine, “Petrouchka” (Cell Scene); “Scheherazade” (Pas de Deux)
  • Robert Moses, “Untitled”*
  • Ronn Guidi, “The Secret Garden” Pas de Deux”
  • Val Caniparoli, “Das Ballett”*
  • Vaslav Nijinsky, “L’Apres-Midi d’un Faune”
Domenico Luciano and Ramona Kelley in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Photo: John Hefti)

 Oakland-esque, 2014


  • Molissa Fenley , “Redwood Park”*
  • Robert Moses, “TIP”*
  • Sonya Delwaide, “Rocky Road”*
  • Graham Lustig, “Turfland”

Guest Performing Groups:

  • AXIS Dance Company
  • Truffeinz


  • Joan Jeanrenaud, Composer and Cellist
  • Anna Wray, Percussionist
  • Nava Dunkelman, Percussionist

Diaghilev Imagery, 2013


  • Amy Seiwert, “Les Biches”*
  • Robert Moses, “Bloom”*
  • Graham Lustig, “Pulcinella”*

Forwards! – 2011


  • Amy Seiwert, “Response to Change”
  • Sonya Delwaide, “……”
  • Graham Lustig, “Words within Words”; “VISTA”
Dancers Joseph Copley and Jacob Kreamer in OBC’s spring season “Forwards!” (Photo: David DeSilva)
Oakland Ballet Dancers with Nona Brown and the Inspirational Music Collective in “Stone of Hope” (Photo: John Hefti)


East Bay Dances, 2015 – present

Hosted by Oakland Ballet Company, East Bay DANCES brings together a diverse collection of local dance companies from around the East Bay.

East Bay Dances poster


Guest Performing Groups:

  • Ah-Lan Dance (2017)
  • AXIS Dance Company (2015-2018)
  • Ballet Folklórico México Danza (2017-2018)
  • Chloe Isabelle Bowman (2015)
  • Danse Lumière (2015)
  • Destiny Arts Center (2015)
  • Diablo Ballet (2015)
  • DNAGA (2018)
  • For Change Dance Collective (2017)
  • Jaq Hannah Dalziel (2015)
  • Jubilee American Dance Theater (2016-2018)
  • Marika Brussel (2018)
  • Milissa Payne Project (2017)
  • Patty Chu’s Chinese Folk Dance (2016)
  • Quicksilver Dance (2016)
  • Savage Jazz Dance Company (2016-2018)
  • Scratch Dance (2015)
  • Shabnam Dance Company (2017-2018)
  • Stephanie Unger & Artists (2018)
  • Tessera Tribal Belly Dance (2015)
  • The Milissa Payne Project (2015-2016)
  • Turffeinz (2015)
  • Urban Jazz Dance Company (2018)
  • Van der Zwaan Dance Studio (2017)

*New Work Commissioned by Oakland Ballet Company

Index of Choreographers available here.