Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors and Staff

Graham Lustig, Artistic Director

Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf, Honorary Board Member

Roz Perazzo, Chair
Kairee Tann, President
Michelle Migdal Gee, Secretary
Elizabeth Marrama, Treasurer

Julie Dominguez
Dale Marie Golden
Catherine Haley
Amanda Monchamp
Jennifer Minore
Carolyn Rinetti
Jeanette Robinson

Marilyn Snider
Dana Zuber

Directors Emeritus
Eva Christie
LeEtta Clark
Ricard Cowan
Marcia Joseph Olson
Daniel Lo
Bertha Roman

Advisory Board
Ian Britton
America Foy

Evelyn Orantes
Maryellen Himell-Ovadia

Leah Curran, Director of Operations
Bat Abbit, Ballet Master and Education Coordinator

Alexandra Armstead, Community Coordinator
Vivian Aragon, Children’s Division Instructor
Christopher Dunn, Costume Designer and Manager 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oakland Ballet Company is to provide accessible, relevant, and exciting dance for our diverse community.